Peer to Peer Personal Loans up to $40,000

Best Lending Site with No Hard Credit Check. Rate, Term, and Loan amount based on Your State, Income & Credit Score.

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Borrowing made easy at social lending sites like peer to peer loans online, choose the best rate, get approved today. Checking your rate won’t affect your credit score. Pay back loan in fixed monthly or bi-monthly installments. Use Loan for any purpose like debt consolidation, Taxes, Emergency, auto repair, vacation, business etc

Borrowers can submit their loan application online and get connected with large network of reputable p2p lenders. Who will review your application in real time and get approval, rates, & terms within few minutes. Must have a min 500 credit score.

Personal Loans Bad Credit OK:

Peer to peer lending consists of number of legit online lenders. They are registered with OLA ~ online lending alliance. They do follow state rules and regulations and fair credit lending practice.

Borrowers can apply online and get loan instant. Peer Loan amount, rates and terms are based on your credit score and monthly income. Peer to peer lending consists of easy monthly repayment options along with low origination and other fees like late payment, missed payment.

Borrowers with bad credit can get a loan at peer to peer lending, if

  • You have a low debt to income 50% or low.
  • Can submit min 3 months bank statements or paystub

Can get lower interest rates with flexible term, if

  • You have a stable monthly income.
  • No missed or late payments min 3 months

P2P Personal Loans $500 to $40,000 

  • Min monthly income after tax $1,000
  • APR based on your credit score, income.
  • Min Credit Score: 550
  • Loan amount will be based on your credit score, monthly income, & debt to income ratio (less than 50%).
  • Term: 14 days to 5 years. No prepayment Penalties.
  • Repayments: Monthly or bi-monthly installment.
  • No cost, no obligation to find your loan.

peer to peer lending bad credit

Checking your rate won’t affect your Credit score.


Peer to Peer Loans No Credit Check up to $2000:

  • Loan based on your income
  • Min $800 monthly income after tax
  • Term up to 14 to 30 days
  • Must have a checking account.
  • APR and loan amount varies by state.

Peer to Peer Lending or Personal loans~ Process

The easiest way to apply is through an online application. In some instances you can be approved in five to fifteen short minutes.

The process is simple. You will go to the website you have chosen and click the application link. You should be transferred to a secure server where you will begin the application procedure.

Peer to peer loan Application process:

The first screen will ask you to answer some preliminary questions; typically, there are only a few of these. They are generally easy ones regarding your name, zip code, credit score, personal and employment information.

Additionally, you could be asked if you have a co-signer should one be necessary, and if so, his or her employment status.

At this point you will move on to the actual application which will require you to provide information about your loan amount, loan purpose, social security number, driver’s license, how often you are paid.

There will also be sections for you to provide an address, type of accounts [checking or savings] information.

Note:  Individuals who have a checking account with direct deposit have a higher chance of getting approved.

You will be required to release banking information and may be asked to read and agree to specific terms and/or disclosures by placing tick marks in one or more boxes. An example of this would be verifying that you have read the Privacy Policy of a lender the website works with.

Once you have filled in all of the necessary information and agreed to all of the requirements of applying for a loan through the website, you will hit the “submit” button to complete the process.

The only thing left for you to do once you submit the application is to wait for a response which will tell you one of the following: you have been pre-approved, your loan requires a co-signer, your application has been declined or that it is pending review.

Note: if you agree to the loan term & rate, simply append the e-signature and wait for your funds to transfer. In as little as 0 to 2 business day, funds will be direct-deposited into your bank account.

How Long does peer to peer lending loan for bad credit approval takes?

Generally, personal loans or other unsecured loans will get approved same day within few minutes to a couple of hours if all the information on the online application is correct. If you leave out certain information, especially information pertaining to personal and employment details or income, then it may take longer. Funding will take anywhere between 0 to 2 business days.

Check Your rate without hurting your credit score !!

P2P lenders generally ask you to indicate your credit score by range along with SSN. SSN is used to do a soft full to check your credit score & identity. so that they can provide you a loan rate & term without doing hard inquiry.

Should i apply for a loan online or in person?

You can apply online from anywhere within USA from the comfort of your home, office, or while travelling. Use your desktop, mobile/tablet. Fill in the secured loan application form. Which is easy to use, simple drop down menus, Fast processing. Once approved, you get your own account at a personal loan online lender website. This will be your online account from where you will upload your documents related to your income, Id, tax doc etc.

Tip: You can fax or scan the documents. You will get step by step instructions from your lender’s customer representative either by email or phone. No office visit required!!

Peer to Peer Lending For Bad Credit:

Bad Credit personal loans approval from peer to peer lenders if you meet their requirements. Means you may get online loans for bad credit with fixed monthly payments with high APR.!!!

Easy approval loans for all kind of credit score applicants. When you look for bad credit personal loan approval then p2p lending is the best place to find it.

At p2p lending, get loan for both Employed and Self Employed based on income and credit score. Long term personal loans are good for home improvement, Consolidating debt, and business purpose.


Tip: At p2p lending, there are No brokers or middlemen between applicants and lenders. You will deal with personal loans direct lenders only.  Once loan application process completes, you can expect loan approval within same day.

Peer to Peer Lending For Bad Credit Requirements:

Lenders consider eligibility as an indication of your ability to pay back loan in monthly payments. They look at your work history to identify your source of income as well as the type of work that you do. The amount of income that you receive can help you qualify for a loan, and your stability in maintaining regular employment matters too.

Need for cash can occur at any moment, and any savings that you have may not meet your needs. However, if you have a saving or checking account, it may help you qualify for online personal loans guaranteed approval.

  1. Stable Work history.
  2. Resident (permanent or rent) not depending on friends or paying guest.
  3. Debt to income ratio (RTI): less than 50%

you may increase your eligibility by explaining the lenders the reason for requesting a loan. They may view your intention to improve your credit by consolidating debt favorably. A loan that has a practical purpose can present a more likely set of circumstances than one that is frivolous.

Apply for Peer to Peer Personal Loan with Bad Credit:

A peer to peer lender can provide competitive rates and more flexible terms than banks. And you may want to approach one for unsecured personal loan. The highest interest that p2p lending offer is 36 percent maximum annual percentage at min 580 credit score. For bad credit applicants, you can use the occasion to improve your credit ratings.

Personal Loan Options:

If you have time before you need funds, the best long-term approach is to start repairing your credit. Limiting your purchases to essentials and making regular payments to your creditors.  Can give you a better score sooner than you may think. Borrowing from a peer to peer lending and improving your score both help you have access to a wider range of loans. With better terms and lower interest rates in future.

You may have many personal loan options to apply for, like debt consolidation, mortgage, tax refund same day cash,  Pay off existing bills, Credit card debt, emergency car repair loans, use personal loan for auto repair and many more.