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How does eVoice Virtual business Phone number works:

It is easy and simple; eVoice will use your current business lines or set you up with new ones.  Then connect all incoming business calls to evoice instead of directly to you.

That way when customers or clients do call you they’re connected to eVoice. First greeted by the professionally recorded customized messages of your choice and then instantly routed to where you want them to go based on rules you create.

Allowing you to take on important calls quickly and better yet avoid calls that aren’t quite so vital.

Since there’s no hardware or software to install, no new devices to manage and no long term contracts to bog you down.

You can get started in minutes that’s eVoice simple affordable. Better get started with your free trial now and let evoice be the better way your business connects today.

Toll Free Forwarding, 800 Number & Virtual Phone Number Free trial. 

  • Toll Free forwarding
  • Local numbers
  • Enhanced Call Routing & Forwarding
  • Voicemail-to-Text
  • Web Conferencing
  • Auto Attendant phone system
  • Customized Menus & Greetings
  • Multiple Extensions
  • Hold Music
  • Conference Calling
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Business Phone Number Free Trial:

With eVoice, now you can manage business calls and personal calls all in one phone with a voice. We will add an extra phone line to your mobile phone just for business. So you can able to work from anywhere and never miss an important call.

Add Virtual Phone number to your iPhone or Android

Sign up for free 30 day trial and get virtual phone number. Download the app & incoming calls are automatically answered and forwarded to you at any number you choose.

If you’re busy and can’t take a call, eVoice will send the call to voicemail. Then voice messages converted to audio files or transcribed to text.

So you can simply tap to listen while you’re working or discreetly read them on your phone while in a meeting. You can easily reply your customers here find them in contacts or dial them directly.

Either way you choose to respond when you make an outbound call inside the app your caller ID will show your evoice member and not your personal number.

To customize your home page simply go to your settings page then tap on home page and select which page you would like to display. Download the app today and start using virtual number free trial.

If you’re a new customer you can sign up for evoice inside the app add an extra phone line to your mobile phone and take your business with you the evoice mobile app.

How Using a 30 days Free Trial Virtual Phone Number Can Change the Face of Your Business.

Most people today have incredibly busy lifestyles. As a result, they may often find it difficult to continually check their business or personal voicemail.

However, missing an important phone call could literally affect your bottom line or even worse, cause you to miss a crucial call from a family member.

What’s the solution? Get your own virtual phone number whether you intend to use it as a business phone number or for personal use.

eVoice is an innovative cloud-based service that works to record all your voicemail’s and then changes them into audio files and emails them to you immediately. eVoice can even transcribe your voice messages and send them to you directly through email or text.

You can experience a greater level of flexibility when it comes to managing your voice messages more than ever before, while knowing you can always be reached day or night.

Virtual Business Phone System & 800 Number Free Trial:

In today’s changing work environment it can be a challenge to separate your business and personal calls and carrying two phones is inconvenient. But now you can sign up for a business number with eVoice and add a second line to your existing phone.

It’s the easiest way to keep your personal and business calls separate. Give clients your evoice business phone number. And your business calls will be professionally answered automatically and routed to any number at a schedule. Apply now and clam your 30 day virtual phone number free trial.

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Toll free forward number free trial:

Select a toll-free 800-number for your business just like the big companies. With your voice toll free number you can project the image of a big established business even if it’s just you. According to several studies, customers are more likely to trust products or services if a business has a toll free number. Research has shown that toll free numbers are easier to remember can increase the number of calls from prospects and can boost response rates.

To advertisements and promotions with a voice you have your choice of a variety of 800 numbers such as 888, 866, or 877 or maybe you’re just looking for a vanity number that spells a word or phrase that’s just right for your business.

Researchers have found consumers are more likely to remember vanity numbers than a company’s website regardless of which toll free number you choose. You’ll be able to project a big business image build trust for your company boost response rates. To advertisements and create a more memorable impression no matter what size your company really is a voice a better way to connect you.

Auto Attendant phone system Free 30 Days Trial:

As a business owner you can’t afford to miss important business calls thanks to the auto attendant system feature from eVoice now.

Auto attendant is a virtual operator which answers calls through your avoidable phone system. Your auto attendant is available 24/7 to greet callers and route them to the correct person or extension.

Choose from three types of readings for your auto attendant one an automated computer-based voice. Use greeting professionally recorded by a voice actor. You can also use personally recorded voice and even record separate messages to greet those who call during traditional business hours differently than those who call after hours.

This auto attendant from eVoice lets you set up individual users each assigned to a unique mailbox to receive voicemails. You can create up to 15 users depending on your eVoice plan.

Select a voice which also includes an extensions menu. You can assign multiple extensions to point to a single user’s mailbox. In this way, you can use auto attendant for business calls to automatically answer 24/7. Try auto attendant for 30 days free.

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Benefits of Using a Virtual Business Phone Number:

Receive your recordings through email.

Once a caller leaves you a business or personal voice message, e Voice can easily and quickly convert it to a WAV audio file or mp3 and immediately email it to you. Therefore, even if your phone isn’t handy, you can still hear all your voicemail’s.

Hear your voicemail through any phone.

You can easily access your voice messages from any phone since e Voice’s business phone system is managed virtually in the cloud.

Quickly receive an email alert with every new voicemail you get. 

Because e Voice provides email notifications, you’ll always know when you get a new voice message even if you don’t have your voicemail’s sent to you through email. Therefore, you’ll be alerted whether you have your phone with you or not.

Forward your voicemail’s to your friends, family members, or colleagues.

You can easily and quickly forward any of your messages through email to your colleagues, family members, or friends whether you choose to receive your messages as a transcription or an audio file attachment.

Ability to read an actual transcript of your voice messages.

e Voice will automatically transcribe your voice messages and either text and/or email the messages to you in order for you to read them.

Listen to your voice messages using any Internet-connected device or computer.

Using any WiFi-ready device, play all your voice messages online from your e Voice Message Center.

eVoice Virtual Business Phone System:

eVoice is a powerful simple business phone system that works with any phone. All starting at just $12.99 a month go to evoice and try it free for 30 days put your mobile phone at work.

eVoice’s plans start with the professional plan offering 300 minutes & 2 extensions for $12.99, this is good for startups.

Established or growing small businesses get 1000 minutes with 5 extensions in the small business plan-1 at $29.99

Later, you can use small business plan-2 comes with 2000 minutes with 5 extensions for $49.99.

Each plan is available with a 30 days free trial with no commitment.

With our 15 years of experience in the telecom industry and having good reputation for customer satisfaction, eVoice is definitely worth trying for 30 day free trial.

eVoice’s virtual phone system can help you with a better way to connect regardless of whether you’re a business of one or a business of one hundred by helping to expertly manage your incoming calls.

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How e Voice keeps you Connected

Managed 100% in the cloud, e Voice can accommodate all your business and/or personal needs in terms of important communications. The first step is to simply choose a local business phone number or toll-free number and record your own customized greeting.

Next, choose when and where you want your calls routed. E Voice offers a 30-day free trial with no contract and no hardware requirement.

Why choosing a business phone number is important:

One of the key things that lots of small businesses worry about is how are they going to make sure they get in contact with customers or the customers can get in contact with them. And the main way in midst of all this technology is still the phone line, mobile phone is obvious leads massively important as a tool for a business.

So you need to be contactable at any time, lots of small businesses might have a mobile number associated with their company.

Recent gov study which showed that over sixty percent of people who saw a mobile number associated with a business thought it was less trustworthy and you don’t want that pause to be there when a customer thinking about engaging.

Business Phone Numbers

Most of the time customers looks for toll-free number or local business phone numbers to find a local business stores online. When you have both, then customers will be happy to do business with you.

So maybe you want to think about a cloud-based virtual phone number which is a number that can follow you anywhere. You never want to miss a call obviously because that could be the big contract or sales can be the thing that changes your world.

The business having a cloud-based virtual phone system is fantastic & completely flexible.

One of the benefits of cloud based internet telephone system is that I can choose a geographic local number. So your phone number says a lot more about your business than you may realize.

To get a multipurpose business phone numbers check eVoice which offers various products for business owners to use it for their business without need of any hardware. Has good reputation across US and Canada for good connectivity and speed.

About eVoice Service:

eVoice is not just for businesses but for individuals too can use this virtual phone number with the same features as offered to businesses.

e Voice offer various options when it comes local business phone numbers be it Toll free or Local phone numbers you get maximum services for a 30 day free trial consider it’s a advantage for any business owner who is looking forward to have an internet fax and virtual phone services manage it entirely in the CLOUD.

Being busy or having vacation with family shouldn’t hamper your business by not attending the business calls as sometimes its not possible to take calls and could lose valuable customers but how about route your business calls to your voicemail or mobile or even to your employees to attend all the important calls when  our away or on a vacation?

Yes, eVoice gives you this chance to route calls anywhere. You can receive voicemail as you wish either by audio files (mp3) or text with transcription.

Not only this you can use eVoice business phone numbers for multi purpose for a single business phone number without compromising on services.

Set up your business phone numbers to greet callers like professional and also use your business phone number for conference calling on various times with clear voice quality.

You can use web conference as eVoice internet comes with high speed.

Virtual phone number for Business credit:

 When you apply for business credit you must make sure that all the information reflects your real business. Using a virtual address, a real business phone number, a website, a fax number these types of things are essential in getting business credit.

What you must not do under no condition to use a mobile phone or home phone. Because if business loan lenders or credit issues for the credit bureaus see that you’re using a home phone or mobile phone as your business number. Then they’re will know you’re not a legitimate.

You have to avoid these so what do you do if you don’t have a real business address then it is kind of tough for you to set up a business phone line in that address.

So this is where things like voice over IP (VOIP) really become essential. This is basically virtual business phone numbers and it is absolutely okay to use on business applications.

So if you are interested in making sure that you have a proper business phone number which we highly recommend to get approved for business credit then you can use google numbers or even eVoice phone system these are called virtual phone numbers.

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Reasons to Get Business Phone number for Small Business:

Businesses are presence to provide their products and services to their clients. What clients expect is nothing but the best.

By building trust with your clients, you will be able to maintain them and use them to attract more clients. What about when new and existing clients want some little information from you? They can email you but the bitter truth is some clients don’t want, instead they call.

That is where providing Business phone numbers comes in handy. Clients want to use this phone numbers because it is the fastest way they can get information from a business.

As a business it is very important to make your Business phone numbers available in major channels. For example, the company’s website should provide it and also other listing platforms such as phone directories.

Make your Business phone numbers available everywhere where possible and your clients will be proud to do business with you.

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