Capital One’s Credit Cards vs. The Competition

So, how are you supposed to know what credit card company is best for you and will cost you the least in the long run?  Well, that is a difficult and complex question.  Within the realm of possible creditors, however, most individuals would be well served by examining the cards that Capital One offers.  While Capital One may not always represent the best option for every individual, their cards tend to stack up quite well against those of their competitors.

Capital One’s Credit Card For Excellent credit score.

For those with excellent credit, for instance, they offer the ‘Capital One Platinum Prestige’ credit card.  This card features a very low variable interest rate, which usually hovers around 7.5 %.  That is a remarkably good interested rate, and blows most of the competition out of the water.  Many other high-end platinum cards with variable rates still maintain interest rates at about 9-10 %.  The ‘Capital One Platinum Prestige’ card also offers no annual fees and late payment forgiveness, both of which are industry standards.

Reward Credit Cards From Capital One:

Some consumers, however, are more interested in rewards card than strictly in getting a very interest rate.  For those who feel this way and also have near-perfect credit ratings, Capital One offers their ‘No Hassle Miles Reward card.  Basically, this card allows customers to earn reward miles, roughly 25 % faster than other standard rewards cards, offer 1.25 miles per dollar spent.  There are also no blackout dates on rewards miles usage, and the earned miles never expire.  This card has a slightly higher interest rate than many such cards, a variable rate that is currently at 13.4 %, but it is a great option for those who can pay their bill in whole each month.

Capital One’s Credit Card for Average Credit Score

For those people who have more moderate credit ratings, Capital One still has many options available.  For example, with a middling credit score, one can receive the ‘Capital One Platinum’ credit card.  This card does not compete very well with most other “Platinum” cards on the market today, but this is primarily due to the fact that it really isn’t a “great credit rating” card.  Instead, it is an option for those whose credit needs some work, and allows them to have the status implicit in being granted a “Platinum” card.  The initial percentage rate on this card is variable and stands currently at 8.4 %.  Late payments and missed payments, however, can seriously impact that rate.  Also, there is an annual fee of $39.

Capital One’s Credit Cards for Bad Credit:

Finally, for those with poor credit ratings, or very little credit history, there is the ‘Capital One Standard Platinum’ card.  Once again, this card really doesn’t deserve comparison to other “Platinum” credit cards, because it is intended for people with much lower credit scores.  Within that demographic, however, the ‘Standard Platinum’ card is one of the best cards available on the market today.  It has no annual fee and starts out at a variable interest rate of 19.3 %.  For those with poor or limited credit, this is a great option.  Still, missed payments will cause the interested rate to skyrocket.

Capital One’s Credit Cards Reviews:

Finally, then, Capital One does seem to offer some very good credit card options.  They stack up against their competition fairly evenly.  It is in the amount of choices, however, that Capital One really excels.  They offer almost any kind of combination of features imaginable, and offer solutions for those at nearly any credit level.  All of this makes them very competitive with almost any card being offered today.  In the end, though, it is still important to always shop around and make absolutely certain.  Also, it’s crucial to read the fine print, because it is in the information found there, that credit card companies don’t really want you to read, that you’ll find out how good a card really fits your own lifestyle, spending habits, and income.

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