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Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans Direct Lenders

Bad Credit debt consolidation loans from reputable companies offer low interest rates with instant approval & funding within 1 to 2 working days.

These debt consolidation companies are best for the people with high interest debts such as credit cards, medical bills, high interest loans etc, to lower their interest rates with one monthly payment.

Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit Direct Lender:

  1. Low interest rates
  2. Direct debt payments to pay off high interest credit cards
  3. Flexible repayment terms
  4. Low interest rates
  5. Lower your monthly payments & plan to eliminate debt
  6. Get approved and receive instant funding

 Debt Consolidation Loan with bad or poor credit:

  1. No prepayment penalties
  2. No collateral required.
  3. Loan based on credit score & income.
  4. Debt to income ratio below 50% (not including mortgage debt).
  5. May qualify for a low interest rate discount if you set up automatically withdrawn payments (ACH)
Debt consolidation loan interest rates starts from 4.99%, Checking rates won’t affect your credit score.
Debt Consolidation loan

Lot of times consolidating debt with a loan is a good idea and in many situations you can get financial freedom, relief from stress.

Example: Retail credit cards are often as much higher rate may be 20% to 24%, by doing consolidation at lower rates you can save lot of money.

  • If you have a bad credit history, it can be improved over a period of time by clearing your debts
  • Before taking a loan for debt consolidation, one should compare the interest rates offered by different companies.

Not just a credit score, direct lenders also consider repayment capacity, character, how long have you been in the job, living in the same home or moving around.

Debt consolidation loans with Bad Credit Easy Approval, Apply now

Apply for easy to get debt consolidation loans online to pay off all of your revolving high-interest debt, an existing loan, refinance mortgage and lower your payments, consolidate bills, pull out cash.

  • Consumer debt consolidation loans comes with lower interest rates than all of your combined payments.

Guaranteed debt consolidation approval lenders are specialize in providing loan for every type of borrowers – whether you have a bad credit score or a lower than average one.

  • More flexibility than banks & tailored to the consumers of all credit types.

Get quick approval and consolidate all of your debts with fixed monthly payment. Compare consolidation loans from various companies with no hard credit check and get best rates & terms in a few steps online.

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans ~ Requirements:

  • Income Source: Employed, Benefits or Self-Employed.
  • Debt to income or DTI ratio: Less than 50%
  • Address proof: rent or own, Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Source of income must be verifiable (bank statements, Paystub)
  • Address & state issued or driver’s licence Id proof is a must.

Checking your rate won’t affect your credit score !

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Action Plan:
“Don’t quit, when the funds are low and the debts are high”.

Save thousands on your interest rates, find your lowest rate from competing lenders Loans up to $100K.  Pay off loan early, there is no prepayment penalties. It takes less than 10 minutes to get preapproval.

Instant Approval Debt consolidation loan in minutes.